“I Am From Grace”


I have been searching for ways to say all things I want to say, express all the things I want to express. It won’t be in one poem, one speech, one performance or dance. The important thing is to keep writing, keep speaking, keep performing and keep dancing.

I was born in Baguio City, Philippines, adopted at seven months old and raised overseas on military bases in Okinawa, Japan and Heidelberg, Germany.

I come to this work in full transparency of my placement in identity categories of advantage and disadvantage, as well as where I currently reside in understanding my own power and privilege. Just to name a few, I identify as a transracially, transnationally adopted, queer, gender queer, third culture, separated from their twin at birth, non-monogamous, survivor of religious trauma, scorpio, soccer fanatic with invisible and visible disabilities, person living in the South.

I love engaging in questions of identity and existence
I am driven by the belief that we will win
That our troubles and trauma are serving an evolutionary purpose
That cultural growing pains are taking us closer to ourselves and each other, and that our resiliency, creativity and survival in the face of adversity will be our legacy.

Be warned: spontaneous singing and/or break dancing is a high possibility.

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