Hot like cast iron skillets
Cold like distance
Called cowardice
Labeled irresponsible
Made savior like whiteness
There is as much to grieve as there is to celebrate
And just because something is
What it is
Does not make it easy
Conceived during revolution
Given up seven months after a full Gemini moon
My pendulum swings farther and wider than most, I think
These are the days when I do not know how to hold everything
Yet feel like I was made to engender evolution
Build bridges
Bring beings back into their bodies
Build from brokenness unborn
I will not tell anyone what to feel because I do not know what to feel
It is never one thing
And it is never one thing or another
It’s a trip to consider existing as different versions of ourselves
If not adopted
Them there, us here
From port to portal
Pushed in strollers, in wonder
But who are you?
Who we’ve lost
Who birthed us
Who received us
Raised us
Chose us
And lost us