It’s Time

To the beer bellied person with muddy jeans, boots, a camo hat covering short salt and pepper hair
Making an appointment in a low tone
Wearing sunglasses inside and bright red nail polish
I see you

To the person in baggy jeans, walking with a hard lean
Rockin a cigarette behind the ear and a sports bra one size too small under a wide striped polo
I see you

To the person wearing a short yellow dress, polka dot sweater
Hair cut close to the scalp
Missing work
Anxious about seeing a social worker, the nurse
Dreading discussion with coworkers
I see you

To the person with tired eyes
No smile
With mismatched earrings and an undercut
Furiously filling in journal pages
Waiting in the ‘low income, don’t have health insurance’ community mental health center
I see you

To the snobby ass person in heels searching for someone
Judging everyone in the waiting room
I see you, too

I see you waiting
Just a bit longer
It’s time
It’s time for a check up
A consultation, evaluation
Medication adjustment
Someone to talk to
It’s time
It’s annoying and tedious
More traumatizing than it should be
But it’s time
To invest in yourself
Before it’s too late
Before we don’t get any more time with you
And we need you
I promise
We need you