Why Are You Here


Answering the question, “why are you here?”

(Touches heart)
That is why
For breath
For rain
The sound of comfort and
The million different ways to say I love you

“Here, let me hold that for you
I see you’re sweating and your heart is heavy
Are you hungry?
Let me feed you.”

Sunsets sing redemption and the scent of healing
Precipitates off the grass in the morning
Forgiveness clinging to us like wet clothes
Dripping off our foreheads and seeping into our socks
We breathe in the rain spattering off the asphalt
And you must know the way the rain splatters isn’t your fault

Self-contaminated or not
We breathe acid from the sky
We are given life

The rain can still wash away our sins and water our plants
Give purpose to the sage
Shoo away spiders with lavender
The stretch of our skin makes room for our hearts
Growing pains sometimes too closely resemble art

But here we are
Practicing failure
The chosen
Phoenixes in the snow

It is life. It is life. It is life.
It is life worth living, to one day get it right
And that is why.