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Hot like cast iron skillets Cold like distance Called cowardice Labeled irresponsible Made savior like whiteness There is as much to grieve as there is to celebrate And just because something is What it is Does not make… Read More

I am From

I am from Grace (Tori Kristen Nichols                                Grace Lisbog Miraflor) I am from the Philippines, Heidelberg, Germany and nowhere at all I am… Read More


You told me talking about spirituality was the most visceral thing someone could do Needless to say I wanted to get visceral with you And I don’t get visceral with just anyone Ok, maybe I do But not… Read More

Why Are You Here

  Answering the question, “why are you here?” (Touches heart) That is why For breath For rain The sound of comfort and The million different ways to say I love you “Here, let me hold that for you… Read More

It’s Time

To the beer bellied person with muddy jeans, boots, a camo hat covering short salt and pepper hair Making an appointment in a low tone Wearing sunglasses inside and bright red nail polish I see you To the… Read More


In every moment There’s an opportunity To love while learning _______________________________ I would like to catch Mormons on a mission trip In missionary ______________________________ Underneath it all There are undiscovered rain- Bows and arrows, too _______________________________ Sometimes growing… Read More